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The Radiance of a Buddha Statue



Just looking at the statue of Buddha you will feel some serenity within you - the proportion of the Buddha, the body, the posture, the way he is sitting, the half-closed eyes. You just sit silently, look at the statue, and you will start falling into a silence....


It is certainly an experience to sit silently in a Buddhist temple watching a statue of Buddha, just looking at it. And you will be surprised that you start feeling certain qualities - tremendous silence, a great beauty. The centering of the statue somehow creates a synchronicity: you start feeling centered, calm and quiet....


In the East a statue is not made for its own sake: it is made as a code language for the centuries that follow. Scriptures may disappear, languages may change and words may be interpreted. Doctrines can be wrongly interpreted, commented upon. There may be dispute about theories - and there have been - so they thought there must be a different way than language....


Objective art means it has been created deliberately by one who knows what he is doing, who brings something from the other dimension into this world, some form. Just watching that form, a form will arise in you, a song. Just singing that song, you will become something else, a mantra....


(Quotations of Osho, who has given me my spiritual name Deva Deep, which means Divine Light.)


You can find pictures of Buddha statues on many pages of this web.

I have made a selection here of the famous ones:

Pictures of famous Buddha Statues

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